Fish Jerky

Jerky Nutrition Facts

Think you know about jerky and nutrition? Well, let’s have a little fun and test your jerky knowledge. No peeking at the answers below! First: Let’s start with beef jerky nutrition facts. How much protein is there in each ounce of Mountain America Beef Jerky? Second: Which jerky product has the lowest amount of carbs per […]

Spring Forward, Great tasting snack!

Spring is right around the corner. It is less than a month away! What that means for most of us is more outdoor activities, including yardwork, home improvement projects, sports, family time, hiking and enjoying the beautiful world that we live in. With the increase in activity as we spring forward, take along some flavorful snack […]

Celebrating the Winter Games!

The Winter Olympic games in Sochi have captivated the attention of many people. See snowboarders, skiers, skaters and bobsledders go for the Gold has been a fun experience. As the Winter Olympics draw to a close and people start heading out for their own activities, there is not a more perfect snack to take along […]