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Ostrich Jerky

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Premium quality, hickory smoked, 100% Ostrich meat. No fillers, no chemicals. Highest protein.

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Our Ostrich jerky is 100% meat, nothing else added. Ostrich is the highest quality red meat in the world, low carbs, low fat and very high in protein. Ostrich has a texture similar to beef. We us a mild black pepper recipe with natural hickory smoke, making it a healthy anytime snack. Our Ostrich Jerky is inspected and approved by the  USDA.

Our Ostrich Jerky contains no preservatives or MSG and is made with 100% solid strips of meat…no chopping, forming or grinding here. Never treated with growth hormones or steroids. Try Ostrich Jerky and discover a lean, protein packed treat.

Ostrich Jerky Facts:

  • 100% Handmade
  • No MSG
  • No Nitrates
  • No Fillers
  • No Growth Hormones
  • No Steroids
  • Less Salt than Most Commercial Manufacturers
  • Our Facilities & Suppliers are USDA & FDA Approved

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Serving Size

1 oz















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9 reviews for Ostrich Jerky

  1. Keith Bryant

    This is so much better than any other jerky that I have eaten and that includes regular store purchased jerky I was extremely satisfied. In fact I am going to buy some more after I finish writing this review.

  2. ANTHONY (verified owner)

    The Ostrich didn’t taste disgusting it was decent. To me it had a slight liver taste to it and I don’t care for liver.

  3. Chris from California

    Tasty ostrich! the taste of the bird and the marinade is on point, you can still taste the game where it came from which I enjoy😁 mmmmmmmmmmmm mmm m

  4. KSgirl (verified owner)

    This was the only site we could find where the Ostrich didn’t have beef added. We used the jerky for a high school presentation so kids could try 100% authentic Ostrich. They loved it!! This was the top pick from the various samples we provided of other exotic meats. It was packaged well and very fresh. Prompt shipping too, which we really appreciated.

  5. Jen in CA (verified owner)

    It’s not easy to find ostrich without beef, so I was very pleased to find this site. I’ve sent it to my son twice and he enjoyed it. He’s now interested in trying out some of the other exotic flavors.

  6. The Q-Review

    (Original Ostrich review) …While some flavors were better than others, there is no question that I would rate the entire product line 5 stars. It’s difficult, but I’ll try to rank the flavors to give you an idea of my favorites. In reality, you can’t go wrong with any of them.…

    Ostrich Jerky: My friends and family that sampled this jerky were shocked to learn that it was ostrich. Actually considered a red meat, ostrich has a rich flavor that wouldn’t find in most birds. Though I found there was a slight difference.

    To read the full review, click here.

  7. Mike in Portland, Oregon

    (Original Ostrich review) I ordered 3 different jerkys. Original Ostrich Jerky, the Habañero Buffalo Jerky and the Alligator Jerky. I must say I loved all 3 very much but the Alligator Jerky was without a doubt the best tasting jerky I have ever tasted in my life, Mountain America Jerky has a new customer in me. Maybe next I will give the Kangaroo Jerky a try.

  8. Arthur in Ohio

    (Original Ostrich review) Chuck’s beef, turkey, and ostrich jerky are simply the best I could find in the country. He is very knowledgeable and will send out your order promptly. Again, I cannot say enough how tasty Mountain America Jerky is!

  9. Kris O

    (Original Ostrich review) I never pass up jerky any chance I get and unfortunately I hadn’t had the pleasure of trying your jerky until now! I received an exotic sampler package for my birthday from Ostrich, Elk, Yak, Antelope, Kangaroo, to even Alligator–and I can guarantee that this is the best jerky I have ever had!! I have yet to go through all of my sampler, but have tried your Elk, Alligator, and Ostrich; the Alligator blew my taste-buds clear to heaven! Thank you for creating such amazing, all-natural, hand-made jerky! You now have a loyal customer and will buy from you whenever I get the chance!

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