About Us

Mountain America Jerky has been retailing Gourmet smoked meats since 1997. We specialize in beef jerky, game meat, fish jerky and exotic jerky. We are a small company that smokes our product on a daily basis. It’s always fresh. We use a totally handmade, small batch process from slicing, marinating, smoking and packaging. Our jerky products contain no added preservatives or MSG & no nitrates. Just artisan jerky made fresh with the highest quality ingredients.

Fun Facts:

  • Beef jerky made from healthy Colorado cows
  • Elk, Buffalo, Venison, Fish, Turkey & Exotic jerky’s contain no steroids, hormones or growth promoters.
  • Our fish jerky’s use Wild Caught Alaskan King Salmon and sushi-grade, dolphin-safe Tuna.
  • Our facility and suppliers are USDA/FDA approved; facility inspected several times a week.
  • The wholesomeness and freshness of our product is assured.