This blog post sheds light on the concerns surrounding jerky treats for dogs and emphasizes the importance of being cautious. While human jerky may be tasty and nutritious, it’s crucial to prioritize the safety and well-being of our furry friends by opting for jerky specifically made for dogs.


Got these for a friends dog they loved it so I got more.

Robert Koehler

Thank you for the informational arrivals. No more jerky for my boys.


My dog has constipation and I give him ‘love ’em’ beef jerky as a treat. Would help or be bad for the constipation.


I fed my dog a small amount of beef jerky for human consumption. How much is too much. I gave her without thinking about it too much.


Hi, I have a 9 month old Labradoodle. I tried everything you can imagine to feed him and he doesn’t like anything, no fresh food from any brand, cans, or raw. I cook for him and even that after a few days, he gets bored! I found Only Natural Pet, MaxMeat jerky style meal topper. He loved it! In the bag says it could be a meal topper or feed as a complete meal. I see that the ingredients have Copper sulfate, copper proteinate. It has great reviews everywhere but I am concerned it is not exactly the most healthy food for my doggy. I would love to hear your opinion and advise.

Cathy Hwang

I have an extremely picky yorkie who won’t eat regular wet nor dry dog food. I make homemade dehydrated jerky for my picky yorkie with 80% lean beef, mix of frozen vegetables (carrots, peas, beans), pro-biotic powder, Nupro Nutri-pet dog vitamins and a little bit of BBQ sauce for flavoring. This is pretty much all she’ll eat. Is that bad that she only eats this? Am I missing any nutrients in this for her?


    Hello Cathy.

    Thanks for your comment. However, I am afraid we are not qualified to answer your question. Please refer to a licensed pet nutritionist or your veterinarian.

    I can say that the pet jerky treats we sell have nothing added. They contain only the meat of the species stated. They are meant as a treat, not as a meal source.

    Best regards,

    Chuck Watson
    Mountain America Jerky
    Denver CO


I gave this ladie’s dogs a few tiny pieces of people jerky not spicy, not flavored. About the size of a finger nail each. When she found out it was people jerky she pretty much freaked out. What’s better for dogs? Jerky for dogs or jerky for humans? I would think the human jerky is better quality?

    Mountain America Jerky

    Hello Jason.
    Any jerky that has salt, onion, garlic, and all those great human loved spices, etc., is not good for dogs. For best health practices the best jerky treats for dogs is just plain meat. Dogs don’t care about flavorings but they know the difference between meat, chicken and fish by scent. Here is a link to the Dog Jerky Treats we sell a Mountain America Jerky.
    Have a great day!


This was very help full I have a chihuahua pug mix and he loves beef jerky but he won’t be getting one more piece till I find a no salt one

Shelia R. Polk

Thank you for letting me know about beef jerky I have a chihuahua mixed with Shih Tzu and she is hard to find treats for she is hard to find food for I hope I find something that she will eat and love other than people food.

Jerky Up

Great article, I give my little dog a jerky treat every night before bed. Just a little piece and it is low sodium, people beef jerky. I didn’t know how important it is for dogs to have a no or low sodium diet, thank you.


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