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Habañero Beef Jerky

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Finally, a really spicy beef jerky with flavor. A flavorful tour de force that will light you up! Not hard, not soft, chewy.



Finally, a really spicy beef jerky with flavor. Our Habañero Beef Jerky is a flavorful tour de force that will light you up! The hickory smoked beef is highlighted with intense habañero pepper for a combination that’s a favorite with spice lovers.

This habañero beef jerky is made from small herd, locally sourced cows (no feed lot cattle) and is thick cut, spiced, and hickory smoked daily. No nitrates, or  fillers. Try some today and discover why spicy food connoisseurs across the nation come back time and time again.

Ever tried cooking with jerky? Try our Habañero Beef Jerky Nachos.

Habañero Beef Jerky Facts:

  • 100% Handmade
  • No MSG
  • No Nitrates
  • No Fillers
  • Less Salt than Most Commercial Manufacturers
  • Our Facilities & Suppliers are USDA & FDA Approved

Nutrition Information



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Serving Size

1 oz















Dietary Fiber



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11 reviews for Habañero Beef Jerky

  1. roman310sp (verified owner)

    Real spicy stuff. The red pepper one wasn’t really spicy but this one sure is. It will make you sweat. It’s more spice than flavor. I probably wouldn’t buy again, because I want to taste it a little more. But it delivered on the heat. My favorite is still the garlic flavor :). Also, there’s no tilde over the “n” in “Habanero”.

  2. Rm144 (verified owner)

    Too hot for me. But still so good I couldn’t stop eating it.

  3. Craig Severin (verified owner)

    This is possibly my new favorite, but do I have to have a favorite? Is it possible to have two favorites? If it is possible, then my two favorite things are Mountain America Original and Habanero and I will be placing my future orders accordingly.

  4. Dr. Diane (verified owner)

    Wow, this one will wake you up. Love the chew factor and heat is not for the timid. Great flavor…

  5. Glenn in Maine (verified owner)

    Awesome jerky!

  6. Dave in CT (verified owner)

    Not too hot, just right, not the throat burning hot either, the good even heat

  7. Megan in Arkansas (verified owner)

    Great tasting jerky!!

  8. Joe in Georgia (verified owner)

    I have enjoyed the Mountain America Jerky Habanero. The meat and spices used are at a nice balance that one does not overtake the other. The habanero, which has a slight delay of its presence, compliments the jerky nicely. Could use a little more habanero to justify “Really HOT, Man !!”

    A comment from Mountain America Jerky on the heat: We have accomplished balanced flavors and a heat factor with our habanero products that is hotter than the standard Hot & Spicy. Let us know your opinion!

  9. The Q-Review

    (Habanero Beef review) …While some flavors were better than others, there is no question that I would rate the entire product line 5 stars. It’s difficult, but I’ll try to rank the flavors to give you an idea of my favorites. In reality, you can’t go wrong with any of them.…

    Habanero Beef Jerky: There’s spicy and there’s habanero. This jerky has plenty of savory beef flavor, but that gets overshadowed a bit by the mouth numbing burn. The basic recipe is much the same as the other flavors with one major difference. Habanero pepper flakes are visible on each flaming stick of beef. This jerky still has great flavor, but the heat may be too much for some.

    To read the full review, click here.

  10. Josh Skorton

    I’ve tried them all, and they are all extremely good. Although Habanero is for guys and gals like myself who love the combination of lava and beef.

  11. Brian in Colorado

    (Habanero Beef review) I’ve been ordering almost everything from this company and not only are their products delicious and fresh but the service is phenomenal.

    There is absolutely no comparison between this and any store-bought mass produced product – even Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. You should try the smoked salmon pouches, and the habanero beef jerky – well forget anything you ever thought of as HOT! I can’t get enough of it.

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