Elk Meat Snack Sticks

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Stuffed with lean elk meat and just a touch of seasoning, these snack sticks pack the perfect punch of protein for when you’re hungry and on the go.
One order contains two 3-oz packages for your enjoyment.

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Our Elk Meat Snack Sticks are made almost completely from premium farm-raised elk meat, with just a touch of beef to create just the right texture. Because we use only the highest quality of ingredients, our Elk Meat Snack Sticks envoke all the nostalgia of the commercially-processed meat sticks of your youth without the overly-processed taste.

Responsibly raised in the Rocky Mountains, our elk are not given growth hormones or steroids, and our Elk Meat Sticks contain no fillers or MSG.

Mildly gamey in just the right way, our Elk Meat Snack Sticks are the perfect treat both on and off the game trail.

Unlike our jerky, these sticks do contain nitrates. Our Elk Meat Snack Sticks are so moist and juicy, we had to add nitrates to keep them fresh and ready for snack time. Please be sure to reseal and refrigerate after opening to maintain peak freshness.

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1 review for Elk Meat Snack Sticks

  1. William Claussen (verified owner)

    Very good

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