Meat Snack Sticks Combo Pack

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These on-the-go snack sticks are seasoned just right perfectly spiced and never greasy. A sausage-like jerky link, these popular meat snack sticks are great for campers, backpackers, fishermen and couch potatoes alike!

Our combo pack includes one 3-oz Alligator pack, one 3-oz Buffalo pack and one 3-oz Elk pack.


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Perfect for when you’re in the mood for a little bit of everything or when you just can’t pick a favorite, our Meat Snack Sticks Combo Pack covers all the bases! This pack comes with three 3-oz packages – one Alligator, one Bison and one Elk – so you don’t have to choose.

Made from strips of alligator tenderloin, our Alligator Meat Snack Sticks are a uniquely delicious and healthy treat. Alligator meat is high in protein and low in fat, and our alligator meat is never treated with growth hormones or steroids.

Unlike some other exotic jerky and snacks, our Alligator Meat Snack Sticks contains no MSG and the only “filler” you’ll find is a little premium pork (alligator is just a little too lean on its own).

Our Elk and Bison Meat Snack Sticks are made almost completely from premium farm-raised elk and bison meat, with just a touch of beef to create just the right texture. Responsibly raised in the Rocky Mountains, our elk and bison are not given growth hormones or steroids, and our Elk and Bison Meat Sticks also contain no fillers or MSG.

Perfect for everyday snacks, long hikes, road trips and everything in between, our Meat Snack Sticks provide that punch of quality protein you need when you’re on the go.

What are you waiting for? Grab a pack or two for your next adventure!

Note: Unlike our jerky, these sticks do contain nitrates. Our Alligator, Bison and Elk Meat Snack Sticks are so moist and juicy, we had to add nitrates to keep them fresh and ready for snack time. Please be sure to reseal and refrigerate after opening to maintain peak freshness.

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11 reviews for Meat Snack Sticks Combo Pack

  1. willbur (verified owner)

    great tasting and well maid and will reorder

  2. James (verified owner)

    Bought it for my Dad for a Christmas present. It arrived before Christmas. He said he especially liked the elk. Thanks for making my Dad’s Christmas great this year!

  3. valerie j marshall (verified owner)

    Used the snack sticks for Christmas gifts and everyone enjoyed them . excellent customer service when I called and needed help with a problem in my order.. very helpful !!!!

  4. Valerie (verified owner)

    I bought these for my boyfriends birthday and he loved them! They were a good size, I tried some and they all have a good flavor. Will be ordering again!

  5. Christopher Mosqueda (verified owner)

    A little bit of this, little bit of that

  6. Petrovik (verified owner)

    Great flavor!
    Great snack!

  7. Nick (verified owner)

    Great tasting jerky

  8. David Rapoport (verified owner)

    Bought these recently as part of a huge sampler order. I really enjoyed the meat sticks. They aren’t greasy at all while being very flavorful. I also appreciate the size of the sticks as they are sized as snacks for an adult not to filling or calorific. Also fun to eat alligator.

  9. Carleigh (verified owner)

    After giving my husband jerky for two Christmases, I was looking for something new to add. I bought the 11 pack jerky sampler and split it between my husband, dad and brother in law as gifts and stocking stuffers. Then I bought my husband the meat snack sticks. He loved them! He said the alligator was his favorite but they are all delicious. We had an issue with our order and customer service was very responsive and helpful.

  10. Michael

    Fantastic product. Very tender

  11. Rick (verified owner)

    Sent these to my troops deployed, they loved them!!

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