Mountain Man Bar Soap Super Sampler


Stimulate your senses and awaken your rugged heart.

Gift Box


Our Mountain Man Bar Soap Super Sampler gift pack includes our regular sampler (4 – 2 oz bars), plus two full-size (8 oz each) bars of Mountain Man Bar Soap. You get:

1 –  Mountain Man Bar Soap Sampler – A 4-pack of individually wrapped Mountain Man Soap – 2 oz each of Campfire, Mountain Meadow, Lumberjack, and Mountain Trail bar soap varieties.

1 –  Mountain Man Yeti, scented perfectly with a mixture of menthol and peppermint essential oil. 8 oz Bar

1 –  Mountain Man –  Backwoods Beard, scented with the sweet smell of pine and cedar essential oils, combined with tea tree and topped off with a hint of patchouli. A scent for some, but not for others. Just like the backwoods. 8 oz Bar


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