Mountain Man Bar Soap – Backwoods Beard


The sweet smell of pine and cedar essential oils in a soap made just for your beard.

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The deep woods, or what I like to call the backwoods, is a place far off the beaten path. Only a few are brave enough to travel the rough and rugged terrain. To get to where they can live and thrive in the place they feel most at home.

These men don’t need much to live nor do they care about bathing everyday. Yet, they have a beard they take care of. It may be the only thing they do to groom themselves. Who cares what they smell like? They don’t! But they do care about their beard.

This bar is scented with the sweet smell of pine and cedar essential oils, combined with tea tree and topped off with a hint of patchouli. A scent for some, but not for others. Just like the backwoods.

It’s made with the oils of palm, coconut, hemp seed, olive and jojoba. Not only is this soap great for your beard, it also works for your head and body.

This bar does not contain any added colors or ground oatmeal. 


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