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Eleven Pack Variety Sampler

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An eleven pack sampler of all meat (no fish) with the traditional favorites.

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Get eleven 1 oz. packs of a variety of our favorite jerky offerings. If you’ve been eyeing our beef jerky sampler pack but wanted to spice things up with a little more variety, try the Eleven Jerky Variety Pack! It makes a great gift for a boss, birthday or holiday, or a healthy snack variety pack for yourself. It includes:

  1. Original Beef Jerky
  2. Teriyaki Beef Jerky
  3. Pepper Beef  Jerky
  4. Sweet & Spicy Beef Jerky
  5. Garlic Pepper Beef Jerky
  6. Original Turkey  Jerky
  7. Original Elk Jerky Jerky
  8. Original Bison Jerky
  9. Pepper Venison Jerky
  10. Alligator  Jerky
  11. Wild Boar Jerky

About Our Jerky:

All of our jerky is thick cut, marinated, and hickory smoked daily. It is preservative-free with no added MSG, nitrates, or other fillers. Try all 11 and discover an incredible selection in this jerky variety pack, complete with traditional favorites and tasty new treats.

  • 100% Handmade
  • No MSG
  • No Nitrates
  • No Fillers
  • Less Salt than Most Commercial Manufacturers
  • Our Facilities & Suppliers are USDA & FDA Approved

54 reviews for Eleven Pack Variety Sampler

  1. James (verified owner)

    Bought it for my Dad for a Christmas present. It arrived before Christmas. He said he especially liked the elk. Thanks for making my Dad’s Christmas great this year!

  2. Hollie Perry (verified owner)

    I only had one slightly big issue. There wasnt enough in each package! I will definitely be a returning customer. I appreciate the flavors and the variety. Absolutely worth the money

  3. wwc2049 (verified owner)

    I ordered the Eleven Pack Variety Sampler for my husband. He was very happy with it. Great variety and enough of each to enjoy it.

  4. Kit MacDonald

    I ordered this for my brother-in-law and two nephews for Christmas. They all loved the jerky, it was a big hit. Definitely will give again as a gift or maybe just a gift card so they can try whatever kind they like.
    Fast delivery and great product.

  5. Dee Horttor (verified owner)

    I like all of it but the Teriyaki. Just don’t care for that taste.

  6. Ken E Arnold (verified owner)

    This has been my go to for a long time, I like the variety of tastes. The quality is always there, it’s just plain hard to beat.

  7. Terri (verified owner)

    I ordered this at the last minute for Father’s Day and it was rushed to be on time. I thank you for this! My father loved your jerky and the wonderful assortment. I cannot thank you enough!

  8. Katie Fenton

    I ordered 2 of the sampler packs. 1 for my son’s Godfather and another for my best friend’s husband who is so mu like a dad to my young son. Both work long hours outdoors and need a little kick and why not jerky?! Guess what they both loved them! They both were excited about the variety, quality and of course made in the USA. Super win!!!

  9. Maria Hernandez (verified owner)

    Hubby absolutely loves them. He was excited to try out all the different flavors.

  10. jenellreynolds (verified owner)

    High quality product! Purchased for that hard to shop for man in my life and it was a huge hit. He is excited to tell me which one he had each day. Definitely got some new repeat customers here!

  11. Steve Borowick (verified owner)

    Purchased the 11 pack sampler as Christmas present for my son and he’s loved them. He thought they’ve been all delicious so far and his favorite has been the elk. Also, the service to receiving them was outstanding. Ordered them a bit late and worried they might not make it in time for Christmas but they arrived early.

  12. Crissy (verified owner)

    This was my first time purchasing, I’m so glad I did. This was a gift for my son, each pack he opened surpassed his expectations. I will be ordering again this weekend.

  13. Emily In NC (verified owner)

    Way surpassed any expectations. My husband was so pleased and enjoyed the sampler. Highly recommend!

  14. Savanna (verified owner)

    A good mix of meats. I’ve gotten these for my dad twice now, and he loves taking them with him to work as a snack.

  15. Debbie Hindsley (verified owner)

    Ordered this as a Christmas gift for my husband. He has loved each one he has tried so far. Trying to keep from eating all of them in a few days has been difficult. Have ordered from Mountain America in the past as gifts and received good feedback. This is the first time we ordered for ourselves. Will order again.

  16. Thomas Huizenga (verified owner)

    This was a birthday present for my son in the Air Force. He loved every bit of the jerky. For me this was a easy way to send a present. Outstanding customer service

  17. Cherish (verified owner)

    I bought the sampler pack as a Father’s Day gift and it was a hit! My dad has lived every one he has tried so far! Thank you so much!!

  18. Rebecca (verified owner)

    My husband and son have loved every flavor they’ve tried so far. They’ve already picked some favorites that we will be ordering soon!

  19. Robert Legere (verified owner)

    Sadly this time the jerky wasn’t for me, but was a gift for my stepson who is currently serving in the Marines. I asked him if he enjoyed it and he implied the 11-sampler pack only lasted a couple of days…I guess that’s testimony unto itself! I’ll be ordering more for our hungry Marine, but next time I’ll get some for myself too!

  20. Tabitha Conboy (verified owner)

    I ordered for my husband and I to enjoy as we watching hunting shows. We like to eat a new flavor that is being hunted in the show. The jerky tastes great and it a wonderful way to try new things. Only “problem” we encountered is all the flavors that we have tried seem to have a strong pepper flavor to it. We have tried the venison, alligator and original beef so far. Other then that we love them and will be ordering more soon!

  21. Margaret (verified owner)

    My husband loves to take some along on his early morning walks–for nourishment and to impress the heck out of his trail buddies.

  22. shirley (verified owner)

    I bought the Sampler for my grandson for Christmas. I think he tried them all before he let my house Christmas Eve. Said it was great and asked where I got. That’s always a good sign. Buying the sampler and some extras for my husband for his birthday.

  23. Annise Horton (verified owner)

    Bought this for my BIL for Christmas and he loved it! He said the jerky were moist and packed with flavor. He said all the flavors were really good but his favorite was the Alligator. Will definitely purchase again.

  24. Mary Harper

    I bought the sampler pack last Christmas for my jerky-fanatic husband and son. They said it was far and away the best jerky they ever had. Short story: they are it all and I forgot your company name! Suffice to say, now that I have rediscovered you, I will be ordering more!

    • Mountain America Jerky

      Thank You for your continued support!

  25. Kelly

    Bought for Fathers Day gift, my father LOVEDLOVEDLOVED his variety pack!!! I think it was gone in a week! Also GREAT customer service, thank you Paul!!!

  26. Adrian G. (verified owner)

    Delicious jerky and affordable!

  27. James Flowers (verified owner)

    best jerky I have ever had!

  28. Rose Mcker (verified owner)

    My husband is a jerky fanatic and so for Father’s Day I wanted to surprise him with a variety of different kinds for him to try. I went online and started researching and came across Mountain America Jerky. I started reading the reviews and almost immediately my mind was made up. I ordered the eleven pack sampler and my husband had really enjoyed trying all the different kinds. We will be ordering again!

  29. Bay Area Dave

    Great stuff! Substantial chunky slices of real meat, not thin dried meat goo. Caution before taking a big bite of the Sweet and Spicy! It’s too spicy for this gringo! YMMV of course.

  30. K. in Kansas (verified owner)

    Bought this as a fun Valentine’s Day gift for my husband and I to try. Loved it! The regular flavors are great and the exotic ones were fun to try. We have them all in a bag and blind grab a new one to try every few days, so it’s a surprise as to which one we try. Elk is our favorite so far. Great jerky!

  31. Emily in CALIFORNIA (verified owner)

    Bought this for my husband. He really likes it! Tastes great, well packaged. I received the order very quickly.

  32. Clinton formerly from Crappyfornia (verified owner)

    Bought this package for myself, because i am an avid jerky lover. My first impression was about how fast the product arrived. Amazing. Second, having gotten the variety pack, i opened one of everything to try immediately. I even shared with everyone in my home. All of the meat was flavorful, seasoned just right in my opinion. You could taste the meat, most important. The turkey was even enjoyed by my Wife, who doesnt eat jerky, so she got the rest of that pack. My only desire, which is a personal preference, is if they could be more tender. I have medical reasons for this, and would love to continue ordering my jerky from here. 10 stars, 7 diamonds. Every highest rating possible. Thank you.

  33. Tatum in Colorado (verified owner)

    My husband absolutely loves this jerky, and such a variety! We will only buy our jerky from you guys now!!

  34. vqsys (verified owner)

    I really liked the jerky that I received. I gave away a little over half to my brother/his/his kids.

  35. Happy Camper in Louisiana! (verified owner)

    Sent this to my dad (recovering in acute care) and he was very excited to have something he could consume that didn’t require refrigeration. Great choice!!

  36. Jo in Montana (verified owner)

    Loved it. Great quality. Received this last year for Christmas. Enjoyed it so much I sent it to my brother and his family. Will do it again

  37. Arielle in Pennsylvania (verified owner)

    Ordered one for my father and one for my father-in-law for Christmas. They both loved it!

  38. Amy in VA

    I ordered the eleven sampler pack for my other half for Christmas and he loved it! All he ever wants is jerky and this certainly did the trick! I’ll definitely order again!

  39. Jenae in California

    It was a big hit! Husband and boys ate right through it. Will be ordering again soon!

  40. Adrianna in NJ (verified owner)

    Bought it as a Christmas present. Mountain American were the only ones who had real jerky instead of those gross looking sticks so it was exactly what he wanted. The jerky was delicious! Getting to try all the different flavors was fun and it was all really great.

  41. Kimi in Colorado (verified owner)

    Delicious!! Every time we order, it never lasts long. The whole family loves it. And getting to try new flavors is always a treat. Not to mention it was delivered just 2 days after we ordered! Amazing! Thanks Mountain America Jerky!! We’ll be ordering again soon!

  42. Corie in Spokane (verified owner)

    I bought this for my husband for Christmas. I have yet to try it. Will be happy to come back and give 5 stars once we do! Shipment was timely, so far very pleased.

  43. Sandy WV (verified owner)

    i get this every year for my dad for his birthday he loves it. sometimes he even shares with me. best gift idea for someone who has everything and has given you everything.

  44. CW-Michigan (verified owner)

    Ordered the 11 pack variety sampler for a birthday present for my nephew-in-law. HE LOVED IT!
    According to him the quality, variety and flavors were amazing. This was my 1st time ordering from you and am happy to say I will gladly order again.

  45. Marilyn – Pittsburgh (verified owner)

    Was very impressed on how fast I received my items….Loved the fact I could pick my own flavors…Can not complain about anything ..Flavor, Freshness and quality is one of the best I have ever tried. Thank you for the prompt service and delicious taste. I will be passing your company on and ordering again.

  46. Joseph in North Carolina (verified owner)

    The jerky was phenomenal, I’m excited to try the fish varieties. I’m still working on eating the order I got. I will be a return customer.

  47. Laura

    I ordered a variety pack as a gift for my brother, who is a Jerky Afficionado, and he says it’s the best jerky he’s ever had!!! And, I have to say that this company has fantastic customer service!!!

  48. Jean in Georgia (verified owner)

    I did not actually have the jerky, I sent it to my son who is deployed and he loved it and he wants more of the 11 pack sampler because he likes the variety.

  49. TamsDuckie (verified owner)

    Best jerky we ever tasted, and the variety…great. Looking forward to impressing clients and friends with some jerky!

  50. Kim in Pennsylvania (verified owner)

    Great customer service! Using for corporate gifts this year. Can’t wait to get the jerky and try it. Have been reading great reviews on the taste.

  51. Steve in Florida

    Just received my 10 pack sampler THE SECOND DAY AFTER I ORDERED IT!!! Tried out the Original Beef Jerky first, You can tell the quality is amazing at first bite. After I polish of the sampler I’ll be getting more for sure.

  52. Cari in Tennessee

    I just wanted to thank you for the great and fast service. I ordered my husband a 10 pack of the different types of jerky and it was here in no time! I was not expecting that and I just wanted to let you know, you have one happy customer and we will be ordering from you again. Thanks so much!… oh and the jerky is GREAT!

  53. Kyle In Ontario, Canada

    I received a Sampler pack for christmas this year and loved it!! Thank you Mountain America!

  54. Tim D. in Afghanistan

    (Eleven Pack Jerky Variety review) Mr. Watson,
    I received your jerky today! I had to email you right away after my initial taste test. I’ve got to say I was totally blown away! AMAZING! I’ve never had jerky this fresh before! I wish I had ordered more, haha! Thanks so much for the amazing product. I’ll be sure to tell the rest of the guys over here about it. Thank you!

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