The All American Jerky Six Pack

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Six of our best-selling meats – Beef (3 flavors), Turkey, Elk, and Bison.

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Whether you’re heading out on a nice long hike, rafting the Grand Canyon, or sitting around the living room, the All American Jerky Six Pack adds a bit of variety and spice to your favorite activities. With three kinds of beef jerky and elk, turkey, and bison jerky, this package is ideal for sharing along the trail, taking a road trip, or binge watching with the family.

This package includes:

  • Beef Original  3.25oz
  • Beef Sweet & Spicy  3.25oz
  • Beef Pepper  3.25oz
  • Turkey Original  3.25oz
  • Elk Original  3.25oz
  • Buffalo Original  3.25oz

2 reviews for The All American Jerky Six Pack

  1. Linda Dorton (verified owner)

    My brother sent me this gift pack for Christmas. The jerky is excellent! All of it. I just ordered the same sampler pack again. I couldn’t decide which flavors or meats to go with, they’re all so good. So I stuck with the same items I received a few months ago.

  2. Neil Schoemaker (verified owner)

    This was a gift for my brother-in-law for Christmas. I am not sure how much he has tried, so I can’t give you a review yet. Hopefully soon I can. Thanks

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