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  • Brisket Beef Jerky - Mountain America Jerky

    Brisket Beef Jerky


    If you like brisket, you’re going to love our Brisket Beef Jerky from our smoking partner Dale’s Wild West!


  • Original Beef Jerky


    Our original beef jerky is the classic, not hard, not soft, chewy, mild salt and pepper flavor you grew up with.

  • Teriyaki Buffalo Jerky


    A classically smoked jerky with an Asian flair that features sweet, salty and a dash of black pepper.

  • Gluten Free Buffalo Jerky


    Skip the wheat with this lean, classically flavored jerky treat.

  • Spicy Elk Jerky


    3-pepper combo brings an intense flavor you can taste and feel.

  • Teriyaki Elk Jerky


    Teriyaki brings a sweet, salty and light pepper twist on a hunter’s favorite classic.

  • Duck-Jerky

    Duck Jerky


    Thick-cut duck breast with a mildly sweet flavor complimented by a bit of black pepper.

  • Tibetan Yak Jerky


    Discover healthy low-fat, high-protein jerky made with real Tibetan Yak meat, no fillers.