Dog Treats

Choose jerky treats that will make you feel good about what you’re feeding your furry friends (and have them begging for more). Our jerky treats for dogs and cats are made using dehydrated, single source meat with nothing added. No hormones, fillers, corn, antibiotics or other artificial ingredients.

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  • dog-high-five-jerky-sampler

    “High Five” Jerky Gift Pack for Dog Lovers


    Give “five” to a friend to celebrate a small victory. Four packs of jerky for humans and one for pets.

  • Three pack of Mountain America Jerky Pet Stix jerky dog treats - bison, elk and venison

    Pet Stix Jerky for Dogs


    Our jerky for dogs comes in three different types of meat with absolutely nothing added to them. Just pure, naturally dehydrated, single-source protein for your hungry hound.